Best And Worst Foods For Teeth

Caring for your teeth is not something to take lightly. Brushing, flossing, getting regular dental checkups and leading a healthy lifestyle all play into the well being of your teeth. Learn about the best and worst foods for teeth so that your diet can coordinate with your healthy smile. If you think you have a problem with your teeth, visit a doctor and ask him to go over your dental chart with you. Follow the advice for the best and worst foods for teeth to ward off cavities and other tooth problems.

How Your Diet Affects Your Teeth

Your mouth goes through changes from the second you start to eat or drink something. It’s important to know the best and worst foods for teeth so that you know how your mouth will react to the things you eat. The bacteria that’s always present in your mouth will turn the sugars from food into acid. Acid preys on tooth enamel and can lead to decay.

It’s not just what you eat, but also, how often you eat that affects your dental health. Snacking often can lead to extra acid in your mouth, which in turn can result in cavities. Knowing the best and worst foods for teeth isn’t enough; you also have to monitor how often you eat.

Best Foods For Your Teeth

  • Foods with calcium are among the best for your teeth. Eat cheese, chicken, milk and nuts for a healthy dose of both calcium and phosphorous.
  • Crunchy, firm fruits like pears and apples contain a lot of water. The water will dilute the sugars in the fruit, preventing decay by clearing food particles away.
  • Water that contains fluoride is excellent to drink in order to protect your teeth. Fluoride strengthens your teeth and makes them resistant to bacteria.

Worst Foods For Your Teeth

  • Sticky candies are some of the worst foods you can eat for your teeth. Hard candies, mints and lollipops stick to your teeth and help the bacteria to break down the enamel. Dried fruits, raisins, and cough drops do the same thing.
  • Drinks that contain sugar should be limited. Cut back on soda, lemonade or coffee with sugar added. It’s even worse to sip these drinks throughout the day, which only extends your exposure to sugar.
  • Certain acidic foods aren’t good to eat on their own. Combine citrus fruits, lemons, and tomatoes with larger meals to counteract the acid.

The above are only some but important best and worst foods for teeth, which you should carefully consider.